Mostyn Thomas And the Big Rave
‘A terrific debut, warm and emotive without being sentimental. This is a gripping tale of darkness and light with flashes of hilarious dialogue throughout.’Daren King
‘This gripping story connects, improbably but with a reporter’s eye and ear, the worlds of farming and youth culture in rural West Wales. It’s a Welsh cross between Star Wars and the Archers but better than both.’ Ian Hargreaves
‘Richard Williams perfectly captures the brooding landscapes and complex characters of Pembrokeshire. A treat from cover to cover.’ Jamie Owen

Mostyn Thomas and the Big Rave

When Mostyn, an ageing Pembrokeshire farmer on the brink of bankruptcy, runs into Jethro, a young raver, his fortunes appear to take a positive turn.

The pair secretly mobilise the locals of the village pub to help put on the greatest money-spinning event in the history of Little Emlyn: Lewistock. But things do not go to plan. Moneylenders, drug dealers, the county council and the bank all set a collision course with Mostyn and Jethro. As the clock ticks down to the August bank holiday rave and the young revellers begin to pour in from all corners of the county, the tension ramps up. It’s not clear who exactly will get out alive.

Mostyn Thomas and the Big Rave pits a struggling Welsh farming community steeped in centuries of religion and tradition against the unstoppable rave movement of the early 1990s, with often poignant and riotous consequences.

Richard’s Bio

Richard was raised on a dairy farm in north Pembrokeshire, Wales. He spent several years travelling, working and studying in Australia, the USA, Asia and Europe. To make ends meet, Richard cooked fish and chips, plucked turkeys, taught English and demonstrated goat milking before landing a job as a technical writer with a UN agency in 2004. Four years later, he moved into the gourmet fast food and casual dining business. Mostyn Thomas and the Big Rave is his first novel.

Mostyn Thomas and the Big Rave


Richard Williams