Mostyn Thomas And the Big Rave

“A cast of larger-than-life characters and outrageous villains star in this fast-paced black comedy laced with heinous crimes and twisted retribution.”

Daren King , Author of Boxy an Star and Booker Prize Finalist.

The Sheriff of Geneva

A cache of Venezuelan gold bullion is hijacked en route to safe keeping in the Swiss countryside; the heist orchestrated by the elusive Mr Bonjour, a Swiss international man of mystery and villain. Through a series of events, the gold ends up not in Bonjour’s hands, but in the grease separator of the newly opened Gourmet Burger Factory restaurant in downtown Geneva. The staff, a motley crew of strays and disparate characters have a choice – keep the bullion safe for Bonjour, or take the loot and run, knowing the elusive villain may already be amongst them

The Sheriff of Geneva